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As simple as ‘Under The Bottom’?

Your ‘555 Team’ gets it! … Just a tricky play on words? … More than that as you shall see!

Why attempt to deliberately get ‘Laid-Off’ or the current fad of ‘Shallowing Out’? These words convey an EFFECT, but not so much about ‘The Cause or Cure’. In modern golf, very much due to our ‘Cause-Oriented Video Expertise’ combined with the likes of an almost unaffordable Trackman genre of electronics, gets us in poor places and golf mechanical predicaments. You have better things to invest your time and money in? ($15,000 cost range?)

Make some ‘Slow Motion Drills’ with a mid #8 Iron ‘Over The Top’ … Casting … Above Plane. Pay attention to the poignant feel! It is no mystery! Like throwing a high ‘Steelhead Lure’ well out into the river … overhand! Works for catching those amazingly powerful ‘Silver Bullet Aquatic Creatures’, in most instants, but not in controlled, ‘Down-The Line’ golf shots!

Pay particular attention to the ‘Transition’ which is very much ‘Gravitationally Activated’ … ‘Brace Elbow’ just dropping straight down to the outside of your Brace Heel’. (Steep AOA)

When ready, use a ‘Boldly Lined Golf Ball’ with our trademarked ‘Red Dot’. (Ballistic Target or Point inside at about 4 o’clock) Use that as your ‘Pre-Impact Swing Gate’. Very easy!

Remember, our ‘Clubhead Path’ is ‘DOFT’ … Down, Out, Forward & Through’ and not ‘Round-Housed From the Top Of Back Swing’. (TOB)

Initially, I personally do my ‘Under The Bottom Drill’ from a substantially ‘Abbreviated TOB’ … about ‘Brace Hand Mid Rib Cage Body Clocked’. In this manner I, at least temporarily do not get very elevated in my Back & Up Swing’. Pretty easy to get ‘Under The Bottom’. My feeling is that I am a substantial ‘Push To The Low Energy Side Of The Target Line’. If I keep my ‘Brace Leg Drive Actively Engaged’ this particular version of ‘Low Inside-Out’ is not at all troublesome. This ‘Punch Basics Procedure’ is pretty simple to accomplish! Tee-up your golf ball at first to keep the ‘Red Dot Proud’ and easily accessible. Your sweeping ‘Sweet Spot Approach’ is at quite a ‘Shallow Angle Of Attack’.

Be both patient and persistent.


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