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Anyone who has spent time with ‘The 555 Team’ is at least familiar with this term ‘Hover’. It is the opposite of the sole of your club’s resting on the ground, from Putter to Fairway Metals.

When our golf ball is resting on the grass / ground, we have a tendency to do the same with our ‘Clubhead Sole’. Not a productive idea and procedure! Impact can become a fishing expedition or ‘Crap Shoot’!

If the ‘Sole’ is resting on the grass, one must ‘Lift’ it up before the ‘Sweeping Take-Away’ move can be accomplished. We refer to this ‘Lift’ as a ‘Pick Up Inside Take-Away’ (PUITA). If you start the Back & Up Swing with a ‘Lifting Action’, you shall have the tendency to finish the ‘Impact & Separation’ with a ‘Flip-Handed Action. With and Inside-Out Clubhead Path, this invites the Fade Hook Spin Rate and Ball Flight Action’. The nasty ‘Snap-Hook’ often comes into play! You know the three ‘Hook’ ingredients!

A good tendency when ‘Hovering’ is that you are more likely to accomplish the ‘Reciprocal’, which is ‘Down Force’ … our ‘555 System refers to this as the ‘Push & Pinch’ combination.

We shall all agree that ‘There Is No Lifting Moment or Tendency’ in a sound strike. If you are not ‘Hovered’, ‘The PUITA’ shall come into play! ‘Lift or Up-itis’ often happens in the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. This invites ‘Thin Hits’. THIN & FAT are ‘Golf Scourges’. It is this Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’s opinion that the “Worst Swing Error In Golf’ is the ‘Vertical Error of FAT THIN’. The outcome is ‘Chronic Unhappiness’! Next comes ‘Attrition - Quitting’!

If we are ‘Hovered’ we shall have no problem applying a little ‘Pinching Down-Force Action’. This lets the Leading Edge and Clubface accomplish its very specific deed … ‘Pushing Down, Out & Through’ the ‘Ballistic Point Of The Golf Ball’! (see ‘Bottom Inside Cheek - BIC’) Remember, your ‘Lever Assemblies Elongate’ through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. (see ‘Centripetal Force’ - Slinging Motion or Forces) During ‘Impact Relaxation’ (DDDB) our soft tissues stretch .75 of an inch to 1.5 inches.

What if we get a little ‘Fat Tendency’? The fixes are ‘Posture (Chin & Chest Taller) and to stand a little farther from the ball. (see, Ball Location & Stance as directly above) This makes the ‘Hands, Wrists and Arms’ (Lever Assemblies) longer where they need to be to accomplish ‘Compression & Line Of Compression’ … Ball Flight Control’. A ‘Thin Tendency’ involves similar, reciprocal corrective measures.

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