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This is an expansive topic, so let us see how simple we can make it for both of us? Let us firstly consider the simple process of ‘Ambulation … just walking along’. Ponder walking Up-hill, Level and Down-hill. If you have a sloped lawn, actually test these variables!

The ‘Two Patterns’ are simply ‘PUSH and PULL Basic’. We can ‘Push Forward’ with our ‘Brace or Back Foot’. We could arguably, ‘Pull Forward’ via the ‘Flex or Contraction Bending of our Front or Target Foot and Leg’. That is not very efficient. How could we walk or run by this ‘Target Leg and Hip Pull Basic Mechanical Pattern’? We also rightfully refer to these two methods of ambulatory propulsion as utilizing the ‘Lower Body Machine Push & Drag Links’.

A useful analogy is the ‘Two Wheel Drive Pick-Up Truck’. The front axle and wheels ‘Steer or Direct’ while the drive shaft and rear differential, axle and wheels ‘Push or Propel’. The Front Bumper can provide tow-truck drag. The Rear Bumper provides push source. (see ‘Lead & Lag’)

Does it make any proper, scientific common sense that a golfer might undertake ‘Push Basic Propulsion’ utilizing the ‘Target Drag Link’? (see ‘Swing Lever’) ‘The Brace Lever Assembly provides Bend & Straighten’ … the ‘Hitting Three Lever Assembly. (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist)

The ‘Target Lever Link’ can provide ‘Clubhead Drag’ but not ‘Thrusting Leg Drive’ from the ‘Resistive Mother Nature’ … From The Ground Up and From The Inside-Out. The ‘Front or Down & Out Swing’, ‘Horizontal Motion’ is powered by the ‘Lower Body Machine’ and not by the ‘Upper Body Machine’. (see ‘Target & Brace Posting’ – extended subject, wt. bearing knee)

If we own an ‘Arms Over Legs Swing Mechanics’, we shall pay the price of ‘Casting’, being ‘Above Plane’ and having the tendency of moving the ‘Clubhead on an ‘Outside-In Path’. Slightly Under Neutral Plane and Inside-Out will make you happier!

There is a lot more to be said but not here and now!

Digest this and be blessed?


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