Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

make your ball fly closer to the ground

… how might you accomplish this feat?

Pretty simple and mechanical!

  1. Select a ‘Less Lofted Golf Tool’ (a Deloft Action)
  2. ‘Strengthen Your Grip’ (see more Target Knuckles - a Deloft Action)
  3. Move your ‘Ball Location Slightly Aft’ (a Deloft Action)
  4. Add some ‘Forward Press to your Grip and Lever Assemblies’ (a Deloft Action)
  5. ‘Utilize The Wind’ when properly available

Golf tends to be a bit of an intellectual endeavour. Plan carefully and execute smart! There is an aspect called ‘Course Management’ for a reason.

Find a savvy teacher by ‘Word Of Mouth’ and share some quality time! Avoid arrogance! There is room and need for humility! If the instructor talks more about himself and hits more balls than you, the student, keep looking! The teacher must keep his word! Educational material and conversations must make sense!

Keep It Stupid Simple!


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