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You now that there are ‘5 Alignment Axes’ … 1) Ankles, 2) Knees, 3) Hips, 4) Shoulders and 5) Eyes & Ears. Four of these are importantly ‘Primary Articulating Joints (PAJs). Near the ears you will locate your ‘Neck’ (The Capital Vertebra). That is a very important golf component! The Head is NOT rigid … it floats smoothly atop your shoulders! (see ‘Ocular Acuity - Tether Ball Pole Concept’) This type of simplicity will cause you to love ‘555 Golf’ practicality!

You need really strong information! The most important overall Alignment is the ‘Shoulders’. They are more important than your ‘Hips’, which are often presented as ‘THE MOST IMPORTANT’. The ‘Shoulders’ are closest to the Hands and Sweet Spot’. They closely govern the ‘Lever Assemblies’. The ‘Shoulders’ ‘Load Coil Range’ far more than the Hips. The Brace Shoulder windes up your core far more than the Brace Hip. This writer feels like his ‘Brace Middle Finger and thus Brace Hand windes up the ‘Shoulders’ and then the ‘Abdominal, Chest, Lats Core’ and finally the ‘Hips’. (see ‘From The Top Down & From The Outside-In’) (see ‘The Balsa Airplane Concept’)

Purpose of this ‘Golf Tip’! Simple point for ‘You’!

Especially with your ‘Driver Set-Up’, stand a little ‘Closed’ … with your Target Toes a little closer to the Target Line than your Brace Toes. (couple inches) Importantly, when you have this personal ‘Alignment’ accomplished, make absolutely certain that your ‘Shoulders’ are ‘Square To The Target Line’. They will be slightly ‘Open To Your Foot Alignment’. Important for your ‘Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path and Club Shaft Plane’ discipline!

Your ‘Shoulders’ Control, Support and Transport your ‘Lever Assemblies and thus your ‘Clubhead Path and Clubface Aim’. (The #1 Alignment in the game of golf)(see ‘Target Lever’)

Tinker but get these little details ‘RIGHT FOR YOU’! There is ‘No One Way’ to hit a golf ball!


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