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A ‘Pre-Shot Routine’ definitely breeds ‘Comfort’! (see ‘Confident, Comfortable and Consistent’ – The 555 Golf Academy 3 C’s)

We need to get the feel of making practice swings ‘On Plane’, especially with long-shafted sticks. If we make a few swings ‘Above Plane’ (too Steep or Upright) and a few ‘Below Plane’ (too Shallow or Flat), we might well arrive at an ‘On Plane’ conclusion or desired average?

A lot of tee boxes are elevated. If so, there is a slope you must walk up when getting on deck! Pretty simple image and task?

What if you stand facing ‘Up-Hill’ … on the up-slope? You will be on a plane, which makes you swing more around your body or ‘Spinal Axis’. This invites a ‘Ball Horizontal Spin-Rate’ around the North South Polar X Axis and induces a Draw-Hook Ball Flight! You will feel your weight to be a little more towards your toes. Make 3-5 ‘Tick Tocks’ with that ‘Knee-Flex’.

Logically, the obverse is true! Turn around and face ‘Down-Hill’ … on the down slope? This makes us swing more ‘Vertically or Up & Down’. The reciprocal is now true … a Fade-Slice Ball Flight’. Weight Distribution will become more on your heels. You will feel slightly ‘Seated’! Pay attention to you ‘Knee-Flex’. Keep it stable and consistent!

We are familiar with ‘Side-Hill Lies’ … ball above and below our feet. That is all we are doing!

Will ‘Familiarity Breed Comfort or Contempt’?

You shall soon discover the answer for yourself!

Enjoy your new-found knowledge!

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