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laid off and shallowing
under plane but no cast

We golfer types tend to agree that our ‘Back & Up Swing’ is a ‘Deep Flat & Wide, Sweeping Turning & Lifting Motion’? Width and extension play a key role in control and velocity!

Casting is understood as the throwing forward of the Brace Shoulder and Lever, higher and more ‘Above Plane’ than might be desirable. This swing error invites and creates the Fade Slice outcome. Fade Slice elements include 1) Outside-In Clubhead Path, 2) Above Plane, 3) Open Clubface Aim at Separation and 4) too tight of a grip that restricts ‘Release Of The Clubhead’… Tends to hold the Clubface OPEN … ‘Leaky and Cuttie’. Good to know these four truths?

What about this ‘Little Clockwise For Right-Handers Loop At The TOB’? If we get ridged in the ‘Brace Hand’, this ‘Tension’ will prevent the ‘Lever Assemblies’ from ‘Gravitationally’ dropping into the slot, from getting and being ‘On The Down & Out Pre and Impact Swing Planes’. Over-The-Top is punishing! If we make a small ‘Clockwise Loop At TOB’, we may find it a benefit. It could be regarded as an early preparation for this ‘Dropping Into The Slot’.

This physiological move enables our getting slightly ‘Under Plane’ and more on an ‘Inside-Out Path’. To a lesser degree it affects our ‘Grip and Clubface Aim & Control’. (see ‘Push & Pull’)

Want a bold ‘Loop’ example? One of my favourite golfers of all time … Mr. Jim Furyk! Why did he adopt his ‘Bigger Loop’? Purposefully! To invite ‘Below Plane; and ‘Inside-Out’. Thus, to avoid his tendency to be a touch too ‘Left To Right’ … ‘Pully, Cuttie & Fade. Great players can work the ball into ‘Controlled Curvature’ at will! This is the old fashioned ‘Money Game’ that still works to this day! Jimmy knows all about bank deposits!

You try this ‘Little Loop At The Top Of Back Swing’ … Properly Set-Up with that all important ‘Pre-Shot-Routine’ (PSR), Seeing & Breathing’ of course! May like the results?


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