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Curious ‘Golf Teachers’ see aspects of the industry and game that others might miss.

How many people over the age of 16 years (usual vehicle driving age) actually keep working on their driving skills after the ‘Cram’ to pass the written and practical tests. What an exciting time that is! My uncle was my mentor and teacher. He was the ‘Chief Of Police’. “Don’t Follow So Close! 10 Feet For Every 10 Miles Per Hour. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by anything inside or outside of the vehicle … focus!”

How many golfers work on their ‘Swing Basics and Game’? Have you ‘Ever’ taken a lesson? Do you take regular lessons? Hang out with proven successful golfers … teachers?

I have observed this lesson trending or reality over decades of being around golf properties. Out of your vehicle. Into the pro-shop to pay your tab. Quick pit stop! Passing by the driving range on the way to the first tee … most golfers hit a few drivers to ‘Warm Up’. Most make a few putts if the ‘Practice Green’ is conveniently enroute to the first teeing ground and they have enough time! Do you leave an hour between freeway and fairway? … half an hour?

A ‘Bogie Train’ does not take long to unfold during the early round! You know the scenario!

Do ‘10% to 15%’ of golfers actually work on their ‘Little White Ball Skills’? How many of that rather small number actually ‘Practise With A Plan’? How many ‘Putting & Chipping Drills’ do you have? Is your ‘Putting & Chipping Pre-Shot Routine’ efficient, repeatable and wtritten? What percentage of your ‘Approach Shots’ come up short? (see ‘#PW and in’) If you go by the hole, how far by? Do you set ‘Performance Standards’ for yourself? Do you work on hitting the ‘Draw & Fade Ball Flight Shapes’? Can you hit a controlled ‘Knock Down or Punch’? Do you have a written list of ‘Procedural Protocols’ … the ‘Elements’ required to make a successful ‘Putt, Chip, Bump & Run, Knock Downs, Punch, Pitch, Lob, Drive and any of your ‘Specialty or Trouble Shots? Have you ‘Calibrated Your Bag for Carry Distance’?

Good questions?


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