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When we apply our ‘5 Set-Ups’ (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment) we are always dealing with three ‘Function Axes’ … 1) Vertical Movement, (Knee Flex) 2) Forward & Back Movement, (‘Inclination’ closer to and farther from the Target Line – Hip Flexation) and 3) Fore & Aft Tilt. (Towards and Away From the Target – ‘Weight Distribution’ onto the Target Foot and onto the Brace Foot)

‘Aft Tilt’ is very useful and functional when striking golf balls with your Driver. As we ‘Weight Distribute Brace Side’ (with a forward Ball Location) we invite and enhance an ‘Ascending Angle Of Attack’ through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. This reduces our propensity towards amplified ‘Under-Spin’ and ‘Climbing of Ball Float’ which loses distance.

‘Forward Tilt’ is very useful and functional when using your Short Clubs and wanting a ‘Lower Launch Angle of Trajectory’. This ‘Weight Distribution and Spine Angle’ invites and enhances a more ‘Descending Angle Of Attack’ producing more ‘Under-Spin’ and a reduced or ‘Net Delivered Loft’. Thus, the ball will ‘Bite Harder Upon Making contact with ‘Mother Nature’.

Another term for this ‘Forward Tilt’ is to ‘Cover The Ball’. This means that our ‘Target Breast Shirt Logo’ will get and remain more over the Ball Location through the strike. An example of this specific ‘Procedure’ are ‘Knock Down and Punch Shots’.

Know what your adjustable ‘Spinal Axes’ invite and accomplish!

“Know Your Tilt Factors”.

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