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There are ‘Weekend Golfers and Players’ … God love them both!

Many ‘Weekend Hackers’ really want to be ‘Players’ who desire to win their ‘Club Flite Championship’ resulting in Crystal or Sterling Silver on the fireplace mantle or special study bookshelf!

So why do they come up short and feel the unavoidable sting of the ‘Frustration Quotient’?

Well over 45 years studying and teaching this ‘Great Game’ provides me a glimpse of an answer! Might I share it with you?

‘Playing, grinding your way around the course, is NOT effective ‘Practising With A Plan’!

It is a chronic affliction to ‘Go Out and Play 18 or 36 Holes’ thinking that is going to really improve your ‘Mechanical Abilities’ or even your ‘Course Management & Scoring’ as much as you might aspire to accomplish. Thinking that playing to ‘Blisters’ will lower your score is simply folly!

Better to ‘Practise All Game Aspects Diligently’ for an hour and then to go out for “6 Deliberate Proof Holes” than it is to skip the ‘Smart Practice’.

When is the last time you decided to play your first 2 holes mentally as your 4th and 5th? Getting started with two or three (2 or 3) Pars is a really solid accomplishment, especially when you have Friday (Making The Cut), Saturday (Moving Day) and Sunday (Closing The Deal Day) in front of you!

Golf is a ‘Thinking Game’!


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