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As discussed numerous times, your ‘555 Team’ is of the opinion that ‘FAT & THIN’ are two ball striking scourges in practice or play! If you want to ruin time on the golf property, lack of top of Tether Ball Pole Control is a direct route to destruction. This topic is about failure to accomplish and control precise BOSA!

Let us assume that we properly ‘Set-Up’ (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment).’Measuring To The Ball’(establishing Sternum to the Sole of the Clubhead) demands a ‘Chin Tallish’ function as well as ‘Lever Assemblies’ being set to their ‘Extensor Conditions’. This locates and maintains proper ‘Component Separations’.

‘Hanging Back’ occurs when one sweeps, turns and lifts to the Top Of Back Swing (TOB – Swing Sequence #5) and gets stuck there … remains weight shifted to the Brace Foot. (see ‘Hanging Back’) This ‘Lowers the Brace Shoulder’ and thus the ‘Sole of the Clubhead’. As one swings ‘Down & Out’ towards ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA), the sole of the clubhead becomes lowered below the intended or prescribed BOSA, striking the grass and taking an annoying ‘Divot’ almost always behind the ball.

This process is referred to as ‘FAT’!

Rather than this ‘Hanging Back or Getting Stuck’, one should accomplish a naturally occurring ‘Rotational Lateral Movement from Brace Side to Target Side’.

Our intentions must be to swing ‘Down Out Forward & Through’. (DOFT) This ‘Brace Lever Assembly, Bend & Straighten’ is fundamental to making a precise and predictable ‘Impact & Separation’. (see ‘Compression & Restitution’)

This writer’s feeling is that of ‘Pinching The Ball Off the Grass’! (Brace Lever Extensor Action – BLEA - and not lifting) With a little tongue in cheek, ‘There Is No Up or Lift In The Forward Golf Swing’! The dominant experience is a ‘Brace Handed Down & Out’ to BOSA.


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