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We understand that the ‘Sweeping Back & Up Move’ is an ‘ALS activity … Accumulate, Load and Store. In balance, the ‘Front Down & Out Swing is the ‘DR Activity … Deliver & Release natural response. (see ‘ALSDR’ – The Power Line Delivery Sequence)

What is a useful ‘Bullet-Proof Skill Drill’ that will help us learn and appreciate this ‘ALSDR’ activity? The ‘Brace Lever’ windes up the ‘Core’ ‘From The Top Down’. Then the ‘Lower Body Machine Spinal Engine Core’ unwinds the entire ‘Machine’ ‘From The Ground Up’ and ‘From The Inside Out’. We must learn this physical mechanical truth!

Here is the ‘Drill’! Using the Driver, stick the head (‘Toe-Up’) just under and behind your Target Armpit. Reach well-extended down the shaft with your Brace Hand in contact with the nose of your grip or handle. Next, reach under the shaft with your Target Hand, placing your Fingers & Palm on top of the Brace Elbow. This firms up your ‘Lever Triangles’ … produces ‘Connection’ with the Core. (see ‘Quiet Triangles’)

Think ‘Balsa Airplane Concept … ‘Winding The Rubber Band from the Tip Of The Propeller’

From this ‘B-P Skill Drill’ configuration, moving your Brace Hand and Brace Shoulder Back & Up (Sweep, Turn & Lift) followed by the reciprocal ‘Down & Out, Re-Turn & Gravitational Drop’ through ‘Impact & Separation’ to early ‘Chase & Follow’. (see ‘SS #8 and #8a – your ‘Impact & Separation Zone’)

This is a ‘5 Tick Tock Exercise’. You may desire to do ‘5 Repetitions’ so you get the ‘Feel’ deeply engrained. Pay attention to your ‘Spine Angle’ (Forward Inclination with a little Aft Tilt). Core Stability is absolutely paramount! Keep your Captain Eyes focused on a specific ‘Spatial Point’. (Blade of Grass or Golf Ball Dimple) Breathe Athletically! You know the DDDB rules!

Can you grasp the importance of ‘Lower and Upper Body Machine’ cooperation? Well done!


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