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Firstly, please stretch and warm up properly. Then you can make ‘Full Swings’ to your ‘Top Of Front Swing’ (TOF), what your ‘555 Team’ refers to as ‘Finish & Hold’. (see ‘Swing Sequence #10, 10a or #11 also known-as ‘The Bounce Back’). If the Target Foot is rolled over towards its Target Outside, you are two things … 1) Out Of Balance and 2) suffering from a ‘Pivot Obstruction’ or a ‘Target Foot Block’. Target Foot Position can obstruct full ‘Pivot Release’. (see ‘STI’)(see ‘Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’ – The Power Line Delivery Sequence’ … ALSDR)

Why? You need to assess your ‘5 Set-Ups (Stance Width & Target Foot Aim) to determine if you are willingly yet unknowingly exposing yourself to ‘STI’ …’Soft Tissue Injury’. It is a very common golf physiological reality. To play a long time we need to be cognizant of ‘Work Smart’. We need to invite and accomplish ‘Confident, Comfortable & Consistent’. (‘The 3 C’s)

The ‘Start-Point’ of this ‘Step Drill is Swing Sequence #9 … Shaft Horizontal Front Swing … Chase & Follow … both ‘Lever Assemblies’ fully extended. Happens only twice in entire swing. (bottom ½ of Swing Circle) Set-Up normally. Do not attempt to test any ‘Abnormal Conditions’.

This Step Drill is primarily a ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM) focus. Stance Width separated 4 to 6 inches. Target Foot Flared 45 to 60 degrees. Brace Foot Square to ‘Target Line’.

From your ‘Start-Point’ herein, (Brace Foot Stable and Stationary and Weight Loaded) Gravitationally Drop and Re-Turn your ‘Brace Hand’ (Lever Triangles) through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ (I&S). With your Target Foot lighter than your Brace, lift and step Target Side about a foot. This entire motion from SS#9 to SS #3 and back is really a ‘Brace-Handed Lower Body Activity’.

Let me remind you that your ‘Transition’ is a very normal ‘LBM Musculo-Skeletal’ triggered discipline or outcome, not unlike throwing a side-arm soft-ball pitch. There is a definitive yet stable ‘Target Foot Stepping Motion’.

If you accomplish this ‘Step-Drill’ in slow-ish motion, you shall feel the ‘Transverse Abdominus Rectus Core’ participation. (muscle at lower bladder) It moves first and creates the ‘Lateral Bump’!

Enjoy this awareness!


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