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With a totally, normally ‘Set-Up … Push Basic, Stage 1 Putting and very short Chipping Stroke Procedure, the ‘Arced Clubhead Path’ is a reality … back & inside – front & outside. ‘Time For A Feel’!

With a ‘Normally Set-Up’ ‘Triangular Lever Assembly’, your ‘Clubhead Path shall become at least slightly ‘Arced’. The ‘Straight-Back and Straight-Through’, ‘On Target Line’ stroke procedure is necessarily manipulated, contrived and deliberate … not radial Newtonian normal.

This ‘Smallest Of Strokes’ tracks around the ‘Forward Inclined Spinal Crankshaft’. (see ‘Pivot Axis’ … even when there is no actual ‘Pivot Action’ as in a Stage 1 Procedure’. (see ‘No Wrist Cock and No Pivot’). Utilization of a ‘Clubhead Sweet Spot Arc’ is quite normal. (see ‘Brace Shoulder Up & Down’ is your ‘Putting & Chipping Engine’)

Are there options? Can we comfortably accomplish ‘The Straight Back & Straight Through Procedure’? YES!

Your ‘555 Team’ has a technique referred to as the ‘Seagull Method’. Using this requires that one putts with a ‘Long Shafted Putter’ (35 to 37 Inches). The Wrist, Forearm and Elbow Set-Up line or axis must be Horizontal to the ground and parallel to the ‘Target and Body Lines’. In this very simple manner, one can move these ‘Lever Components In Line’, thus making no ‘ARC’. (see ‘Rocking The Baby’s Cradle’)

There will be a natural elevation of the ‘Clubhead Path in the Back & Up Swing’. (see ‘Ascending Angle Of Attack’)(see ‘Sweep, Turn & Lift’ … Reciprocal is ‘Drop, Push & Pinch’)

Of interest, ‘The 555 Team’ strongly suggests that you generally ‘Steer Your Target Elbow’ at least slightly ‘Down The Line’. This ‘Component Discipline’ reduces or opposes the ‘Arcing Syndrome’. (see ‘The Off-Line Pulling and or Pushing Tendency’)


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