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Short Game Pre-Shot Routine

Knowledge is power … in ‘The Great Game Of Golf’ too!

Putting & Chipping are a simple matter of ‘Distance & Direction’. Shouldn’t we attend to these two key items before every ‘Dance Floor Procedure’, on or around this special real estate?

If you were allowed to use this ‘50 Foot Carpenter’s Tape’, would you do so? I would hope so, but know many would not! Is the reason lack of knowledge or just laziness?

We cannot ‘Play Carpenter’ but we can train ourselves to make 36 Inch paces to determine how far our ball is from the cup! Why do I use the word ‘Train’? Because we cannot guess at how long each step is! If we guess we might as well not pace in the first place. Ten 2 Foot Paces equals 20 feet. Ten 3 Foot Paces equals 30 feet. Big difference between 20 and 30 feet?

Is there a ‘Bottom Line’ here? YES! Never Putt or Chip without knowing how far your ball is from the cup! When you pre-select ‘Chipping & Pitching’, think Air and Ground Time!

Additionally, evaluate ‘Mother Nature’ pretty thoroughly … grass condition, (lean, length and moisture content) slope, break, wind conditions, moisture, ditritus, (junk on or around the green’s surface), the location of your 12 Inch Landing Circle, (Visualization) the reality of your 5, 10 and 15 Foot Putting Circles, Club Selection and whatever you might find to be advantageous!

‘Distance & Direction’ never go out of style! The Big Picture is always relevant!

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