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A useful ‘Rule Of Thumb’ is that ‘One Lever Assembly’ is straight at all times during the entire ‘Back & Up, Down & Out and Front and Up’ swings. There are only two points when both ‘Levers’ are straight! (Impact Fix – SS #1 and SS #8a through to SS #9)

Note that you can suffer from the ‘Flying Nicklaus Elbow’ at the ‘Top Of Back Swing’ (TOB – Swing Sequence #5) When this occurs, you are very likely to suffer from a slightly ‘Bent Target Lever’. With a little ‘Tongue In Cheek’, this golf teacher is OK with a little lack of this ‘Target Lever Extensor Action’ as long as you get it back through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ … SS #7 through to SS #8a and SS #9 … Chase & Follow. (see ‘BOSA’)

The ‘Mirror Image’ of the ‘Flying Elbow’ (TOB) could be seen as the ‘Chicken Wing’. (TOF) We could look at this consideration as a ‘Cause & Effect’ … loss of connection both sides.

You can make a lot of less that ideal moves as long as your ‘I&S Zone’ is in good working order! This means accomplished ‘Lever Extensor Action’. The mule delivers a lethal blow with or at ‘Full Extension’. Golf enjoys similar mechanics.

When ‘Players’ lose this extension, they often refer to the failure as ‘Swipey Golf’. (see ‘The Glancing Blow or Cutters and unwanted curvature … Lack Of Squareness’)

Keep your ‘Golf Thoughts Stupid Simple’!

Work at your game from short to long! Master Putting Before Driving! Remember, “There Is A Putt In Every Drive!” of “I Drive As I Putt!” (see ‘The 5 Essential Elements’ – Clubface Aim At The Moment Of Separation, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot and Angle Of Attack’)



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