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‘Putting On A Happy Face’ at any age will extend your life and well-being! Being happy and enjoying life pays direct dividends by altering your anatomic pH and thus elevating your cellular vitality. (see ‘Cellular Frequency’) Scientists estimate a physical health improvement is relatively rapid!

Is it really possible to smile your way to a longer, higher quality life? Experts estimate that a positive attitude reduces risk of death by ‘Over A Third’. It is known that happy and healthy people are less susceptible to getting the common flu! Someone who specializes in this area of research is professor Andrew Steptoe, director of the English Longitudinal Study of Aging at University College London.

In one of his studies, ‘Positive Affect’ (PA - a term that encompasses happiness, joy, vigor, energy, positive mood and emotional well-being) was assessed four times during a single day in 3,853 people aged 52 to 79. Five years later, those who ranked in the lowest one-third for PA had a death rate of 7.3%, compared to 4.6% in the medium PA group but only 3.6% in those with the highest PA. This translates into half the risk of death in the happiest group, compared to the least happy. Happiness is a life-saver?

Even after health status and other demographic factors were taken into account, the risk of death was 35% lower among the happiest people compared to those who were the least happy at 23%.

Professor Steptoe said: “The effect is sizable. Trying to enjoy life seems to have real benefits. We need more focus on feeling positive.” Is laughter really curative? Absolutely provably so!

What can you do to get happier? Practitioners realize that becoming happier can be a challenge for some people, but there are things we can do towards that end. It is a big behavioural arena, but here are a couple suggestions … prayer and meditation can be an enormous help. Regular exercise, even relatively mild like a short daily walk (preferably out in nature) is absolutely effective.

‘Reverence and Gratitude’ are powerful mood-improvers. Merely making a list each day of the things we are thankful for focuses our attention on positive things, which are often easy to take for granted. By regular, prudent reflection your ’555 Team’ guarantees that you will find many more good things in your life than you are likely, normally aware of. Constantly strive for ‘Your Personal Positive Attitude’!


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