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The ‘Current Shot’ (the one in your face) must ‘Set-Up’ your next shot. That is why your ‘555 Team’ refers to this game as ‘Billiards Golf’. It is rarely what you sink (Hole In One) but what you leave ‘In the 5/10/15 Foot Circles’ that really matters! Efficient ‘Chips and One Putts’ are absolutely essential and make you look really good to all the golf club members and to your playing partners!

This truth is why we invest in ‘Course Management’. It is called ‘Work Smart Golf’.

‘The Great Game’ is truly an intellectual journey! Make good plans and execute them!

Here is a pertinent thought for you?

To create an effective ‘Front Swing’, one is well-served by completing the ‘Back Swing’. Timing and Rhythm are never off the table or out of the ‘Priority To Do List’! Use of your very big Little “&” Word deserves a lot of credit, attention and deliberate use! It triggers your ‘Transition’ and makes good things happen in your golf swings!


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