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If you think you are, then you are! ‘Desire, Honesty and an Open Mind’ matter every minute!

The prudent reality is to make sure you have no underlying health issues that might preclude a full range of golf and general exercises. Some people cannot play 18 energetic holes. Well then, perhaps some regular ‘Putting, Chipping, Short Game and walking 6 to 9 holes with a golfing buddy will have to suffice! Slow and steady wins most races!

There is a very practical saying “Up Off Your Butt, Move Your Feet and DDDB!” (Deliberately, Deep, Diaphragmatic Breathing … you can accomplish this ‘Work Smart’ activity sitting in your back yard, but you have to actually “DO IT NOW!” It is just a decision!)

‘Supportive Oxygenation’ is very important to all human cellular bodies! Good fresh air and elevated O2 is a wonderful personal attribute! You can do this ‘DDDB Bullet-Proof Drill’ several times a day virtually anywhere … sitting at your office desk and even while driving your car! Three to five lung reps and three to five cycles is a good place to start!

Can you tell me anything negative with ‘DDDB’? Have a discussion with your med-consultant!

When is the right time to start on a personally improved exercise regimen? Yesterday! Importantly, do NOT overdo it! Strive to accomplish, properly designed, ‘Light, Moderate Speed Range Of Motions’. The golf club weighs about 15 ounces. It is not an 8 pound sledge hammer! C/H Speed is the baseline goal and not ‘Gross Weight’!

A very useful exercise is … ‘Push Aways’! “Push Away From The Dinner Table Before You Are ‘Stuffed’! Then go for a walk around the neighbourhood!

Don’t eat within three hours of going to bed. Your body digestive tract has to work hard in its inflammatory food processing tasks. You need to insure rest and sleep for nutritional balance!

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