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The ‘Pivot Engine’ (Lower Body Machine – LBM) goes ‘Horizontally Round & Round’. The ‘Lever Assemblies’ (Upper Body Machine – UBM) goes ‘Vertically Up & Down’. These two champion energies MUST cooperate in the ‘Bottom Half of the Golf Swing Circle’ or one shall just find this game as a full serving of ‘Purgatory’!

Initially both of these forces are ‘Variables’ … unbroken and untamed mustangs! Not good rides! Our goal must be to establish one body segment as a ‘Constant’. In this logical manner we can get closer to ‘Consistency’. (see ‘Probability Of Success’)

Which one do we tame first? The ‘Pivot Core or Engine’ is our ‘Work Horse’, the ‘Alpha Herd Mustang’. The ‘LBM’ is absolutely ‘Job #1’. By combining proper ‘Set-Up’, ‘Forward Inclination & Knee Flex’, we shall soon discover our ‘Ideal Full Swing Plane’ and ability to accomplish ‘Horse Power’, ‘Clubhead Speed’ and Clubface Aim Control’. (a ‘Target Lever Control Element’ along with Bottom Of Swing Arc [BOSA] and your #4 Pressure Point’)

Fitness is always a pertinent issue! Embrace it as opposed to ignoring it! Once you ‘Pivot Engine Stability’ is established, you must allow your ‘Brace Lever Assembly’ to monitor Velocity and ‘Closure Rate’ of Sweet Spot to the Ballistic Point Of The Ball’. (BIC) In this manner your ‘Horizontal Around Force’ shall match you ‘Down Force Pinch’. You shall very soon discover ‘Timing & Rhythm’.

You must be ‘Pivoting’ through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. (see Swing Sequence #8 & #9) You will be well-served by understanding ‘The Power Line Delivery Sequence’ … Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release - ALSDR. ALS is a Back & Up Swing Energy Function. DR is a Front Swing Energy Function.

If you struggle with a ‘Timing & Rhythm’ deficiency, ‘Purgatory’ shall be your residential address! If you hips get too early you shall ‘Spin Out’ (see ‘Block Push’). If your Pivot Engine’ gets late, ‘Early Hands’ shall reward you with what your ‘555 Team’ properly refers to as ‘Flip-Handed’. These will give you a nasty ‘Ball Flight Outcome’ and unavoidable ‘Scoring Slumps’. The ‘Bottom Half Of Your Swing Circle’ must revel in ‘Mustang Control’.

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