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A first question might be, “How Many Wedges Are There?” The second question is ‘How many do I need?” We refer to the ‘Wedge Cluster’ as ‘The PASLX Cluster’, meaning ‘Pitch (48 degrees), Approach (52), Sand (56), Lob (60) and Extreme (64 degrees)’ wedges. The mid to short iron end of your bag utilizes what we refer to as ‘4 Degree Splits’. Each club, (working smaller to bigger numbers) gets 4 degrees more loft per club as indicated above.

The Club Length of this ‘Cluster’ is usually the same for the five short clubs. The Lie Angles are usually the same or similar. The Dead Weights (about 300 grams) and Swing Weights (D3 to D4) are also the same or similar. Thus, the ‘Delivered Clubhead Speeds’ should be very similar. So, what do we get from this ‘Five Club Cluster’? Each higher ‘Loft’ produces a known steeper ‘Ball Flight Gradient or Trajectory’ and ‘Underspin’ resulting in decreasing ‘Distance’.

The ‘Magic of a Five Wedge Cluster’ is to learn how to make ‘One Full Swing’ and then to apply that motion to each of the five variations of wedge. It is often the case to accomplish what we refer to as ‘15 Yard Splits’. What does that look like? #PW (115-130 yards), #AW (100-115), #SW (85-100), #LW (70-85) and #XL (55-70 yards) is a reasonable progression.

After you master the ‘One Full Swing Ability’, (Brace Hand To Your Brace Shoulder) you will have five specific distances available to serve your ‘Short Game’ … Full Swing PASLX. Thereafter, if you learn how to ‘Body Clock’ (modulate your Delivered Mass Energy to the 5 Clock Points), your ‘Short Game Magic’ shall take on even more meaning! Start with the ‘Lower Rib Cage Body Clock’ and then add your Brace Hip Body Clock’. (5 Wedges with 3 Energy Levels each = 15 predictable ‘Distances and Ball Flight Shapes’) You will become a scoring machine and earn that reputation!

What does a really ‘Sharp Short Game’ do to your ‘Putting Prowess’? (see ‘The 5/10/15 Foot Landing Circles’) More ‘Golf Smiley Faces’ and ‘Playing Invitations’?

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