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There are two distinct sides, aspects or ‘Hemispheres’ of the generally circular or radial ‘Golf Body Machine’ 1) The ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM - Core) and 2) The Upper Body Machine’. (UBM - Lever Assemblies)

Additionally, there are two different sides to this total machine 1) The forward Target or Swing Side and 2) The Aft Brace or Hitting side. Through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ (I&S), ‘The Swing or Fulcrum Side’ become quite ‘Stacked Vertically’ … the Shoulder Socket, over the Elbow, over the Target Hip, Knee and Ankle. These are properly referred to as ‘Primary Articulating Joints. (PAJ). (see ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ or ‘BOSA’ - key swing tasking)

During this same ‘I&S’ phase, (Impact Fix & Impact or Compression Zone) the Brace or Hitting Aspect also become somewhat ‘Stacked’ considering the same ‘Components’ (PAJ) as above.

In the interest of simplicity, let us consider only the ‘Brace Elbow, Hip and Knee’ being ‘In Line’. Stand up and ‘It’s Time For A Feel’! This ‘Side & Lever’ are definitely ‘Stacked’ and ‘Brace Connected To The Ground’, right? Feel the inside of your Brace Shoe’s pressing into the ground … ‘Pivot Pressure’! Your Brace Knee will be slightly ‘Forward Pressed’ as will be your hands. (see ‘Matching Horizontal Pivot Compression and Vertical Down Force Lines’. The LBM provides the ‘Horizontal Motion. The UBM creates the Vertical Motion.) The Brace Index Finger (#3 Pressure Point) monitors the Lag and Clubhead Toe Position … Clubface Aim … Closure Velocity or Component Timing. (see ‘Spatial Relationship’)

So, you now know all about these ‘Stacked Components’?

A very key reminder is to ‘Establish Impact Fix’ (Simulated Impact) and then to repeat it ‘At Speed’ firstly without a ball and then with the added ‘Bullet’ and resultant ‘Kill Shot’.

You are learning ‘555 Golf’ all the time!

Enjoy ‘Working Smart’!

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