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The ‘Physical, Mechanical and Mental’ components, ingredients, make up the global pathway of our golf lives. No one comes to golf truth and reality without a full embrace of ‘The Physics Of Rotation’ and ‘The Geometry Of The Circle’. We cannot enjoy ‘The Great Game’ without some dedicated Newtonian servitude! Look at all golf strokes open-mindedly and with a hunger!

It you have a purpose in your golf activities (as small as cleaning your clubs after each use or using a dedicated ‘Pre-Shot Routine’) it is analgesic and comforting. If the outcome is positive, perhaps one should add more ‘Process and Outcome’ spices to improve the flavour?

The pathway to golf happiness, the source of it all, is via ‘Simplicity Conquering Complexity’. Master the small before moving on to the big … Short Swing before the Full Swing! “There is a Putt In Every Drive!” (see ‘The Essential Elements’ - Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot & Angle Of Attack’. No single golf procedure anywhere world-wide takes place without all five of these ingredients.)

Our rewards for subduing golf’s challenges are manifold and life-long. Does ‘Truth Set Us Free’? Absolutely! Have you defined your ‘Putting Truths’? The Flat Stick matters!

Find a golf teacher who will actually talk to you about your golf intricasies. If that is not the case, end the marriage … separate and divorce! Don’t take it personally! Cast off and sail away!

This done, do not undertake your ‘Golf’s Journey’ without a ‘Savvy Wilderness Guide’! Danger lurks just off the trails!

Success and happiness are not accidental!

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