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You must compress a football in order to ‘Punt or Place Kick’.

The same applies to striking a baseball or soft ball.

These simple transfer of energy protocols are applicable in hammering a small finishing nail or huge nail or barn spike.

What are six conditions that apply to the quality ‘Transferences Of Energy’ in a golf strike?

  1. Understanding, Knowledge and Experience (huge golf resources ready for you)
  2. ‘Clubhead Speed’
  3. The ‘Quality Of Squareness’ (‘Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path’)
    A glancing blow is inefficient … North South Polar X Axis Cut Spin-Rate
    … Fade / Slice or Draw / Hook ... Equatorial Y Axis Under & Over Spin
  4. ‘Sweet Spot’ … Center Of Mass and Moment Of Inertia’
  5. Angle Of Attack … AOA (Flat & Steep)
  6. Dedicated, Smart Practise Over Time

Quality Impact & Separation makes really big ‘Golf Smiley Faces’!

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