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Want to have some fun ‘Discovering Cause & Effect’? This is about your ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (‘BOSA’) where your strike or impact always happens. You can tinker with ‘Hitting Fat & Thin’. Do so deliberately! Set-Up perfectly in a manner that makes ‘Pure Strikes’.

Now, change one element or condition at a time and make a couple more swings. ‘Dropping Your Tallish Chin’ (‘Pivot Fulcrum’) in the ‘Front Swing Segment’, (Down, Out Forward & Through DOFT) will cause ‘Fat Strikes’ … divots starting behind the ball is a negative or FAT indicator! Observe the anticipated outcome differential for each deliberate error. Write notes!

With a perfect ‘Set-Up’ how can I deliberately ‘Hit Fat’ or behind the ball.

I am not going to ‘List’ every swing ‘Fat - Thin’ variable and error. (see ‘Standing Too Close To The Ball. Changing your ‘Posture’. Altering your ‘Lever Lengths’ during DOFT.) Just these three will stimulate your ‘Tinkering’. It is more efficient for you to discover ‘Swing Error Cause & Effect’ than for me to write all about them! There are various discussions in our archives.

Here is just one key procedure you will benefit from.

It is called ‘Impact Fix’. Assume a perfectly successful, simulated strike position before you trigger your ‘Sweeping Take-Away’. Remember your overall ‘Moment Of Truth Position’, then dynamically repeat this ‘Stage 3 Impact Position’ with a good ‘Release - Chase, Follow & Finish’. This should produce a small divot just in front of the ball.

If we know what is ‘Right’ we shall have a very good likelihood of making it happen in a real playing or striking situation. Taking a Divot behind the ball is FAT. Taking no divot (making no pinch contact with the grass) at all is actually THIN. Did you know that Clubface to Ball contact on score line #1 and #2 is Thin … #3 or #4 is pure … #5 and #6 are Fat?

Get curious!

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