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Do you remember our very useful ‘#8 Iron Push Drill’? Set-Up to Impact Fix, face in contact with the ball, with no back swing, just make a ‘Push Basic Stroke Procedure’. This ‘Bullet-Proof Drill’ will work from 3 feet to 60 feet of more!

Set-Up a ‘Circle Drill’ (5 tees evenly spaced in the ground at about 36 inches outside the hole to start. As you get warmed up and become more proficient, increase your distance to 4 Feet, 5 Feet, 6 Feet, 7 Feet, 8 Feet, 9 Feet and finally to 10 Feet.

To add performance pressure, if you are at ‘5 Feet’ and you miss one of the 5, you have to ‘Start Over’. You have to progress from 3 to 4 to 5 Feet (making all 15) before you can go home!

If you want more ‘Delivery Distance’, add more ‘Brace Big Toe Pressure and Pivot Thrust’.

Always carry a 4 Foot piece of vey straight ‘Painted White 2X4’ to clearly identify your ‘Target Line’. On a ‘Dead Straight Putt’, keep the ‘Clubhead Toe’ touching the lumber and apply your ‘Push Basic Stroke Procedure’. Your ‘Stroke Length’ will control your ‘Distance’.

Place your ‘Putter Sweet Spot’ (COM - Center Of Mass) against the backside of the ball. By lowering or ‘Down-Forcing’ your Brace Shoulder, you shall accomplish ‘Thrust’ and move the ball directly to the entry point of the cup.

Just like moving a shovel full of dirt from ‘A To B’?

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