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‘The 555 Golf Round Table Family Members’ know what ‘Clubhead Lead & Lag’ are. To refresh, the hands are either ahead of, even or behind the ‘Lower Body Machine’. (see ‘Trailing’)

Make some very normal, short, low power ‘Wedge Iron Swings’, what we refer to as ‘Tick Tocks’ … very rhythmic back and forth, metronomic swings. Now, do these with your ‘Brace Hand Only’. Feel the isolated energy! Our ‘Clubhead Path will naturally be a little ‘Inside-Out’. Having accomplished our thorough and normal ‘5 Set-Ups’, we shall be pretty much ‘On Plane’ as well ‘On Path’. There are only three (3) ‘PATH Options’ … 1) Inside-Out, 2) Square-Square and 3) Outside-In’.

We are still primarily a ‘One-Handed, Brace-Handed Exercise’. You can also do this ‘Target Handed’ but later!

Let’s ‘Zero Out The LBM’ for a moment … ‘Lock The Hips In An Extra Big Vice?’

Without the influence of our ‘Pivot Engine’, what then happens to our very normal ‘Inside-Out Clubhead PATH’? Our ‘Inside-Out’ usually passes Square-Square and becomes ‘Outside-In’. (see ‘Casting’) We also view and refer to this ‘Path’ in terms of ‘Plane’ (Above, On and Below).

When we ‘Zero Out The Hip Axis’, our ‘Brace Lever Assembly’ unavoidably become ‘Outside-In’ and ‘Above Plane’. It morphs into ‘Arms Over Legs’. If we were able to do this ‘Drill’ standing on a square 12 x 12 floor tile, standing with the ‘Tile Line’ as the ‘Target Line’, we would easily see the ‘Clubhead Path’ mutation or variation. It would be easy to see the ‘Clubhead Toe’ creating or casting a ‘Visual Line’ that loops out and over the ‘Tile Target Line’.

As soon as you ‘Release The Hips From That Vice’, the ‘Clubhead Lag Pressure’ would be restored, resulting in a renewed ‘Inside-Out Clubhead Path’.

Simplicity In Motion?

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