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We all need and benefit from what your ‘555 Team’ refers to as ‘Baseline Knowledge’.

Here is a great ‘Baseline Question’ for you! “How can I reliably ‘Fade-Slice’ or Draw-Hook’ … emphasis on “Reliably”?

Basic #1 is ‘Clubface Aim’. This element starts the ball out on your chosen ‘Line’.
Basic #2 is ‘Clubhead Path’. This element creates the ‘Bend or Curvature’.
Basic #3 is our ‘Railway Track Syndrome’ which gives us a performance platform. (see ‘Target and Body or Foot Rail’)

Step #1 is to ‘Aim your Clubface at the ‘Intended Target’.
Step #2 is to ‘Align Your Body to the ‘Clubhead Path’ or ‘Initial Ball Flight Line’.
Step #3 is to ‘Swing The Clubhead On Your Body or Foot Line’. (generally and neutrally)

Do NOT strive to accomplish ‘Curvature’ with your ‘Lever Assemblies’ … by deliberately moving the ‘Clubhead Below or Above Plane’. Do NOT deliberately ‘Cast Over Plane’ (Outside-In) or ‘Under Plane’ (Inside-Out) (see ‘Manipulation’)

You may have gleaned that we are tending to ‘Make Only One Swing’ and that is a swing that is ‘On Plane’, that is compatible with your ‘Stable Pivot or Spinal Axis’. Once you have properly ‘Set-Up’ (see ‘The 5 Set-Ups’, which includes functional and necessary ‘Forward Inclination and Aft Tilt’) maintain a ‘Steady Head’ or ‘Top Of The Tether Ball Pole’. This stability enables a predictable ‘Clubhead Orbit’ and ‘Ball Flight Behaviour’.

Your ‘Grip Controls Clubface Aim’.’ Get it right for the Shot You have Pre-Determined’ or ‘Pre-Selected’!

Learn how to play ‘Call Shot or Billiards Golf’.

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