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See if we can keep this focus tight and pure? Let’s ‘Keep This (IT) Stupid Simple’? YES?

For arguments sake, let us consider that we have a #9 Iron in hand. We will base our consideration on our most favoured #PW, the center of our scoring bag. (48 degrees of Loft). This club offers us a ‘Factory Loft of 44 Degrees’. The #8 Iron is 40 degrees. The key to ‘Pandora’s Box is to learn to make the same swing with each of these three clubs. It is very prudent to keep in mind that all our ‘Club Full Swings’ for most golf clubs are basically the same.

The first action we can and should take to reduce our ‘#9 Iron’s Net Delivered Loft’ is to change clubs … pull another club from your bag! (see ‘Ball Flight Shape, Trajectory and Parabola’) #9 Iron in hand, want ‘Less Delivered Loft’, pull your #8 Iron. Want ‘More Delivered Loft’, pull your #PW. Exactly the same ‘Delivered Energy’ results in more or less ‘Height’ and more of less ‘Distance’.

Now, here’s the skilled approach worth knowing. What if you want to increase or decrease the ‘Top Of Ball Flight’ (Trajectory) and change the ‘Distance’ while using the #9 Iron? ‘Reducing the #9 Iron Loft and Distance’ requires that we move the Ball Location a ball width or two aft. We can also move our ‘Target Shoulder’ closer to the ball or Target Line. This increases our ‘Front Swing Angle Of Attack’, making the ball not fly so high. (AOA) We call this discrete mechanical change ‘Covering The Ball’.

The opposite is true! To accomplish a ‘Higher Ball Flight’ simply move the Ball Location one or two ball widths forward. We can also move our ‘Target Shoulder’ more back and away from the ball and ‘Target Line’. As our ‘Shoulder Axis’ increases in ‘Front Swing Slope’, so to does our ‘Net Delivered Loft’ at ‘The Moment Of Separation’.

Tinker Time!

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