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What is “At ‘15’ Inches"?

All you ‘555 Round Table Members’ know that we have three ‘Ocular Targets’. (VRBP #1, #2 & #3).

What are these ‘Three Ocular Targets’?

  1. The first ‘Ocular Target’ is the ‘Ballistic Point’ on the Bottom Inside Cheek (BIC) of the ball. How precise is our ‘Focus’? Look at ‘One Dimple’ and not at an area of the ball. You will, of course, have properly marked your golf balls with our ‘555 Golf Line and two (2) red dots. If we want to get and be precise, we must utilize our ‘5 Set-Ups’ and have a dedicated ‘Pre-Shot Routine’. (PSR) Aim Small … Score Small!
  2. The second ‘Ocular Target’ is what we refer to as our ‘Intermediate Target’. It is on our ‘Start or Target Line’ (‘Initial Ball Flight Line’). It must be inside our ‘Peripheral Vision Field’. In this manner or buy this ‘Game Plan’ we do not have to turn our head and neck to see this second ‘VRBP’. (‘Visual Reference Point’)
  3. The third ‘Ocular Target’ is what we refer to as ‘The Far Target’ … flagstick out there at ‘Full Length’.

What is this “15 Inch” title aspect? Is it really important? Well, heck “YES” it is important! It is the distance that our ‘Intermediate Target’ is in front of our golf ball. What is the real-world variety? Anywhere from ‘No I/T’ to one out there ‘Somewhere’ … 5 to 15 yards … 15 to 45 feet. Why at 15 Inches? That is comfortably inside your ‘Peripheral Vision’ … comfortable physically and mentally.

Why “15 Inches” again. Out ‘Captain Eyes and Brain’ love accuracy and precision. It is no more difficult working with 15 inches than with 15 feet. Don’t be lazy! What is our ‘Maximum Distance Tolerance’? The ‘Club Length’ that we have in hand … Putter to Driver! This short distance and penny size target feeds us ‘Confidence, Comfort & Consistency’ ... the primary nutrition of champions!

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