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How many variations is enough?

How many ‘Shades Of Gray’ are there? Reminds me of the movie title ‘50 Shades Of Gray’. Now to ‘Golf’. I have a point your ‘555 Team’ refers to as ‘Just A Simple Game Of Numbers’!

Perfect #7 Iron (my 150-160 stick with an average ‘Pivot Pressure’) … Perfect ‘5 Set-Ups’ (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment) … perfectly balanced strike profile and force … it is a ‘Green Light 155 Yard Golf Shot’ … ‘A One or two Hop Stopper’ into ‘The 5, 10 or 15 Foot Landing Circle’!

If you were ‘Iron Byron’, you would not have ‘50 Shades Of Gray’, but one! Your ‘Consistency’ would be off the charts … ten (10) balls on a babies blanket … ‘One Putt Opportunities’?

Let us look at our ‘Free Will Choices or Variants’ with the same ‘Pivot Pressure’ and ‘Delivered Energy’? (see ‘Brace Leg Drive’ and the resulting ‘Clubhead Speed’) Notice that our ‘Posture, Grip, Stance and Alignment’ are ‘Consistent’. We can only vary our ‘Ball Location’. Mother Nature’s elements are considered to be consistent.

If we move our ‘Ball Location’ two ball widths ‘Aft’ we shall reduce our ‘Net Delivered Loft’ 4 to 8 degrees (equivalent to a #5 Iron) … ‘Trajectory, Parabola’ and ‘Distance’.

If we move our ‘Ball Location’ two ball widths ‘Forward’ (4 to 8 degrees – equivalent to a #9 Iron) we shall increase our ‘Net Delivered Loft’ … ‘Trajectory & Parabola’ BUT our ‘Distance is very likely going to be reduced as we consume ‘Mass Energy’ to accomplish the additional height. Have to know this!

There is a lot of performance variable by simply adjusting our ‘Ball Location’. We could also adjust 3 more ‘Set-Up’ factors … Grip Length, Stance Width and Body Clocking or Swing Length. (see ‘The 5 Ways To Adjust Your Distance’) … but only if we desire to create more complicated options!

If we can vary our ‘Distance’ from a #5 Iron to a #9 Iron with simple ‘Ball Location’, why not just make ‘One Consistent Swing’ with the ‘Perfect Club Selection’ from our choice of five? With ‘10 Yard Splits’, we can accomplish one Hop Stoppers from 175 to 135 yards. A #PW to 125 yards is also “PERFECT”!

‘Work Smart Course Management’ from 175 to 125 with just ‘One Full Swing’. (Stage 3) “WOW!”

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