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To Get Better, You Have To Improve At A Task!

This ‘555 Work Smart Formula’ demands a ‘Game Plan’ that is applied consistently, with some regular dedication! Don’t leave home without ‘IT’! ‘Perfect Practise Makes Permanent’. “Wishing & Hoping” won’t improve your performance, scores and happiness?

A little basic information … ‘A Chip is a Putt with a Hop!’ This ‘Hop’ is created with the ‘Factory Loft’ and not with any manipulation!

Here are 9 tangible ‘Putting & Chipping Tasks’ for YOU.

  1. Create a written ‘Set-Up Game Plan’.
  2. Create a ‘Pre-Shot Routine’ and use it every time you step onto the ‘Dance Floor’.
  3. Develop a repeatable ‘Stroke Pattern’ … That means ‘Quiet Triangles’.
  4. Learn how to control ‘Pace & Speed’. (Consistent Energy Management)
  5. Conquer your ‘Initial Ball Rolling Direction’. Use an ‘Intermediate Target’.
  6. Master ‘Green Reading’. That means enjoying this important ‘Art Form’.
  7. If your Hands Are In Motion, your Eyes are not! (Ocular Acuity)
  8. If your Hands Are In Motion, you must be ‘Breathing Out’.
  9. Trust In Yourself and let that power be known!

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