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How can we learn to use and own a ‘Process’ if we never develop one? We must rub shoulders with wise ‘Golf Teachers’ so as to soak up some Knowledge & Wisdom’. We all need a ‘Golf Wilderness Guide’ … or more than one over time?

Do you have a ‘Practice Plan’ for your ‘Driving Range Sessions’ or do you just go out ‘To Kill A Jumbo Bucket Of Golf Balls’? That is a fresh air source but will very likely not help you produce smaller scores and bigger ‘Smiley Faces’.

Aim Small and Hit Small? … ‘Quarter Sized Targets’ build character and skill levels!

Take Dead Aim and ‘ROLL PLAY’!
It is called ‘Scenario Golf’.

What is ‘Roll Play’? Once you are warmed up and have gone through your bag, Hit a driver to a point. Then visualize an ‘Approach Shot’ and execute it. (see ‘Quadrant The Greens) Practise in the wind. Hit your 5, 10 and15 Foot Circles from afar. Hit your ‘12 Inch Landing Circles’ close in. Utilize your ‘Short Game Skills’. (see ‘Body Clocking’ – ‘Energy Management’)

Your ‘555 Team’ is here with ‘Live Support … 24/7!’

Make solid ball contact and do the same with your golf teacher!

Make Good Things Happen!

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