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Deliberately Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing (DDDB) is beneficial and a way of life.

Breathing in this DDDB manner will help you live longer. What is longevity worth? We need good or certainly ‘Adequate Aerobics’.

It is a shocking but little-known fact that weak lungs makes you FIVE times more likely to die from heart disease. Chronic oxygen depravity or shortage is terminal!

Do you know how strong your lungs are?

Your doctor probably checks your blood pressure every time you visit, but not your lung strength even though the simple and painless test to measure it literally takes seconds.

Strong lungs mean longer life. That truth and reality are ‘No Brainers’!

‘Pulmonary Performance’ is a CRITICAL but chronically over-looked indicator of your overall health.

To learn more about this, Search The Internet under ‘Pulmonary Performance’.

Lots of information readily available!

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