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“What is this ‘Golf River’?” you ask. Quite simply, it is the source of the ‘Power and Energy’ involved in making the ‘Golf Back & Up and Down & Out Swings … The Back and the Front Swings … especially the Front Swing’ that moves towards the ‘Intermediate & Far Targets’.

Both directions require ‘Energy’, but emphatically the ‘Down & Out Swing’ aspect is the ‘Ruler and Consumer Of Golf Power’. It is the ‘Source Of This Golf River Energy’ that is the subject of this article … the ‘Source Of Your Golf Power’.

Not unlike the very source of the Mississippi River’s being a mere trickle well north in Canada, there is a small yet finite and functional ‘Energy Source’ for our golf swing.

We know generally about ‘Pivot Axis Pressure’, the ‘Pressure and Power’ that fuels the Front Swing, ‘From The Ground Up’ and ‘From The Inside Out’. These two ‘Power Line Sequence’ fundamentals form the foundation of golf’s ability to hit balls prodigious distances.

Is this ‘Brace Side Truth & Reality’ a new revelation? Not by a long shot! Your ‘555 Team’ speaks regularly and has been espousing about this ‘Source Of Power’ for decades … since our copyrighting came into effect in 1973.

Not unlike the most basic ‘Musculo-Skeletal Action’ of taking steps, the Source Of The Golf River Of Power’ is located in your ‘Brace Big Toe Pressure’. This stimulates your ‘Brace Foot Pre-Load’ and then the ‘Brace Leg Drive’, which fires the ‘Leading Pivot Engine’. Anyone who claims that this ‘Brace Toe Pressure & Brace Foot Pre-Load’ is a fresh new “Ah Ha” discovery may be misleading you? There is very little really “NEW” in the ‘Golf Realm’. This ‘Source Of The Golf River Of Power’ emanating from ‘The Brace Foot’ is not one of these ‘New Discoveries’. Let’s keep telling golfers about real basics!

May any and all golfers be fortunate enough to grasp and enjoy this ‘Old News’! Your ‘Brace Leg Drive’ (‘Pivot Pressure’) delivers the golf ball ‘Down The Line’. (DTL). It is not the hands that are the purely dominant mechanical resource They are just ‘Vice Grip Clamps’ rather quietly yet sternly holding on-behalf of the ‘Horizontally Rotational Pivot Engine’ that has its ‘Brace Human River Source’!

We know that the ‘Hands CONTROL’, that the ‘Arms SUPPORT’ and that the’ Body TRANSPORTS’.

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