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The more stable our ‘Lever Triangles’ are, the happier we shall become … GUARANTEED!

Our ‘Lever Assemblies (Triangles – Shoulder Sockets, Upper Arms, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists, Hands and the actual Golf Club) or ‘Upper Body Machines’ (UBM) shall become more stable as we get better informed and invest in our ‘Golf Ability’! Some of our more mechanical clients have referred to the LBM as the ‘Axial Machine’ and to the UBM as the ‘Radial Machine’. We rather appreciate that input!

Just to make sure we are both on the same page, take hold of a golf club handle with both hands and extend it our in front of your tummy or ‘Hip Girdle’. You will have made a ‘Triangle’ with your two ‘Shoulder Sockets’ and joined hands.

The Triangle is the strongest planar and cube structure known to man! NB … the Ball or sphere is pretty strong too!

When you are making a ‘Swinging Motion’ (Putter to Driver – Stage 1, 2 or 3) the more predictable your ‘Triangles, the more predictable your Ball Flight, the lower your scores and the bigger your smiles.

Of interest, you not only have a ‘Shoulder Triangle’, but also an ‘Elbow Triangle’.

If you keep your ‘Brace Elbow’ proximal to your ‘Brace Hip Socket’ in the ‘Lower Half Of The Swing Circle’, your Clubhead will be more stable and dynamic as well.

Have you heard of getting your “Hitting Lever Into The Slot”? That really means getting your ‘Brace Elbow’ connected to your ‘Brace Hip Socket or to your ‘Spinal Crankshaft’. ‘Connectivity’ also applies to your ‘Putting Stroke’. This ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’ strives, at all times, to keep his Brace Elbow in contact with his ‘Hip Lateral Engine’ for stability and power. My ‘Brace Foot’ (Leg Drive) is connected to my ‘Clubhead Sweet Spot’ through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’!

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