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We all know about ‘Putting’ and each one of us has his or her little quirks and basic golf foibles. Your ‘555 Team’ hopes that you have embraced our ‘8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre-Shot Routine’, in whole or in part? We all need some sort of routine to keep us ‘Patient and Cool In The Heat Of Battle’. Randomness in making golf strikes is stressful and usually comes with sub-optimal outcomes!

Putting is best accomplished employing ‘Over Spin’ or rolling the ball ‘End Over End’ along the dance floor to the predetermined ‘Entry Side Of The Cup’. We ‘Set-Up’ to deliver the ‘Sole Of The Golf Club’ about 3/8 to 5/8 of an inch above the grass in our ‘Putting Stroke’. THIN-ness or gently ‘Topping The Ball’ invites ‘Over-Spin’ … less humping and hopping across the ‘Dance Floor’ endlessly ‘Off-Line’. We all know this flat stick reality?

Well, here is a question I got recently about this ‘Hovering’. You know we programme ‘Hovering With All Our Golf Clubs and Procedures’ to keep the grass from obstructing our ‘Take-Away’. This gets the ‘Club Mass or Weight In Our Hands’ … under control. If we employ a little ‘Waggle’, a ‘Hover Move’, the net result is a little more relaxation. Always a good thing!

But “Do we want to hit our Irons and Woods ‘THIN’ or topped?” you ask. Of course not, but we do not and will not for ‘Natural Reasons’. When our ‘Lever Assemblies’ (Shoulder Sockets, Upper Arms, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists, Hands and the Actual Golf Club - The Secondary Lever) become ‘Under Centripetal Out Force or Centrifugal Load’ due to ‘Circular and Arcing Velocity’, that ‘Outward Force’ stretches the ‘Soft Tissue in our Lever Assemblies’. Our ‘Levers Get Longer Through The Impact & Separation Zone’. Dr. Fischer could write a book about this!

When you hover, do so firstly with ‘Extended Levers’. (Find and use Target Lever BOSA) “If I Do Not Shorten My Levers, How Might I Hover?” The Answer is of ultimate importance. You do so by adjusting your ‘Knees Through Flexation & Extension’. Don’t manually lift the clubhead! Stand a small amount taller in your ‘Set-Up and Pre-Shot Routine’. Remember, you need ‘Knee Flex’ to make a solid, athletic, rotational-engine ball strike!

You are getting even smarter and more ‘Golf Worldly’ through reading!

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