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Let us just provide some ‘Key Words & Ideas’ that may prove useful as practise and execution guidelines. Each word has a purpose! The first two are great ‘Bullet-Proof Skill Drills’.

  1. Tossing Underhanded Golf Balls to a ‘12 Inch Landing Circle’ (see ‘Carry Distance’ – Pitching with a Wedge)
  2. Bowling Golf Balls to a very close ‘12 Inch Landing Circle’ (see ‘Carry Distance’ – Chipping with Mid Iron … #7 or #8 Irons)
  3. Know the purpose of your ‘12 Inch Landing Circle’ (the Flagstick is not the target)
  4. Get proficient at ‘Club Selection’ (see ‘Ball Flight Shape’)
  5. Become a ‘Green Reading Expert’
  6. Know and master ‘Body Clocking’
  7. Know and Master your ‘Set-Up and Pre-Shot Routine’
  8. Precision Set-Up helps us prevent ‘Fat & Thin’ … ‘Heel & Toe’
  9. There is ‘No Lifting Moment’ in any golf swing procedure
  10. All golf strikes are ‘Descend & Pinch’
  11. Think about the short Chips & Pitches as being ‘Short - Long’ … Back and Front Swings
  12. Do not ‘Decelerate’ either of these procedures. (Accelerate thru the BIC of the golf ball
  13. other

Focus on your wins (solid strikes), evaluate the Cause. Master and trust that procedural skill!


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