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When this author – teacher thinks about his chest, that includes from the ‘Hip Girdle or Socket Axis’ up and through the Trunk and Abdomen including the ‘Shoulder Axis and Shoulder Sockets’. (see ‘The 13 Human Primary Articulating Joints’)(see ‘Pivot Core’).

If at any time during the ‘Golf Back & Up or Down & Out Swings’ you find your ‘Chest’ pointing upwards or facing the heavens, you are out of position and flirting with trouble. Your ‘Pivot Axis’ will have been compromised along with your ‘Ball Flight Outcome’.

We have a physical instruction that refers to ‘Covering The Ball’. It means that we keep our Sternum and Breast Logo facing the ball when the Lever Assemblies (Hands, Wrists and Arms) are in the ‘Bottom Half Of The Swing Circle’ moving in either direction.

All ‘Clubheads’ are always descending in the ‘Pre-Impact Segment’. (see ‘Swing Sequence #7’)

Another saying that might prove useful it that ‘The Ball Goes Where Our Hands Go’.

Additionally, in the ‘Down Out Forward & Through’ (DOFT) aspect of the Front Swing, you would be well-advised to keep your chest moving forward through the ball and heading towards the ‘Target’. The ‘LBM creates all the ‘Horizontal Motion’.

Remember, the ‘Clubhead Lags behind the ‘Hands’ and the ‘Pivot Engine’. Thus, the ‘Hips Always Lead The Hands In The DOFT Swing’! (see ‘Wrist Cock’)

Do some ‘Slow Motions Drills’ to experience this truth and reality! (see ‘Lead & Lag’)