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There is so much conversation about ‘Hip or LBM Lead and Clubhead or UBM Lag’ that the following perspective might help you better grasp these important physicalities. Let’s find out!

Envision having a powerful ‘Laser Beam’ in the butt of your golf grip such that it shines out of the small breather hole in the bottom of that handle.

At Address Ready or Impact Fix, the ‘Laser Beam’ shines in the vicinity of your Sternum to your Target Shoulder Socket. Stand up and Set-Up using your imagination! You will see for yourself!

Transitioning Back & Up in your Take-Away and Back Swing, as your ‘Lever Assemblies’ progress into the ‘Top Loading Half Of The Swing Circle’, the ‘Laser’ points progressively aft along or in the vicinity of your Target Line. As you get past SS #3 and above Swing Sequence #4 (Target Lever Horizontal to the Ground), the laser will actually point straight down to the Target Line just towards the Brace Side. As you progress above SS #4, towards SS #5 (TOB), the Laser beam will shine more Brace Side or more aft, reaching ‘Shaft Level or Horizontal Infinity’ if you are fit enough to accomplish this ‘Range Of Motion’ (ROM). (see ‘Overswinging’)

You, of course, then drop Gravitationally and Transition ‘Front Swing’ from SS #5 towards the SS #6, SS #7 and SS #8 (BOSA, Impact & Separation) … normal dynamics!

Think about where the ‘Laser Beam shines at SS #6 … a little Brace Side of plumb! By SS #7 it is shining a little ‘Target Side’ or forward of plumb. (see ‘Baseline Of Plane’) When the ‘Laser Beam’ is directed to the ground Brace Side, you have ‘Clubhead Lag’ … Clubhead behind the hands. The Forearm Line and the Shaft Line are less than 90 degrees. (see ‘Acute Angle’)

Hope this very real image helps your ‘Lead & Lag’ understanding? Brace Leg Drive produces ‘Hips Leading and thus produces Lag’. We can have a lot more discussion if you want!

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