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We all know how important ‘Making Putts’ is in the grand scheme of playing and scoring in golf. This simplest, foundational stroke is responsible for between 35% and 50% of you carded numbers. Your ‘Short Game’ is another 15% to 20%. How many golfers have made more than 40 or even 50 putts in a single round of 18 holes? Improving on that stat is so very easy and predictable. What is preventing your ‘Working Smart’ at putting better?

Remember, ‘A Chip Is A Putt With A Hop!’ Thus, working on your ‘Putting’ invariably helps making Chips and even Bump & Runs. “Pitter Patter, Better Get At ‘Er!”

Things to do while preparing and putting in the wind …

  1. Use your very smart ‘8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre-Shot Routine’ (PSR)
  2. Read the ‘Ball Rolling Line’ (BRL) appropriately for the wind and all normal factors.
  3. Set-Up Lower and More Under The Wind … “Hunker Down”
  4. Build More Stability by ‘Widening Your Stance’
  5. Generally get ‘Lower To The Ground’
  6. Add more ‘Forward Inclination’ (body mass closer to the grass)
  7. Hold your elbows more firmly to your sides
  8. Steer With Your Target Elbow (Directional Control and Release are very important)
  9. Use your ‘Ball Aiming Line’ and ‘Captain Eyes’ optimally
  10. Use your ‘Intermediate Target’ (15 inches in front of the ball)
  11. See Your ‘Ball Rolling Line’ and ‘Clocking Entry Points’
  12. Carefully control you ‘Stroke Length and Ball Rolling Speed’ (Energy Maintenance)
  13. Think Positively (expect to make your Putts)

Putting is a very delicate and deliberate process. Become professional about your mechanics.

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