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‘Marshmallow Strikes’ are ‘Glancing Blows … not ‘Square Strikes’ even with plenty of ‘Clubhead Speed and Energy Transfer’.

You have all seen the ‘Impact Bag’! That is obviously an ‘Impact Training Tool’. Borrow or buy and use it? You will very soon know what ‘Impact’ means! Impact is Compression’. For your information, the opposite of ‘Compression’ (Making The Ball Out Of Round By Force or Squashing it) is ‘Restitution’ … restoring the shape to ‘Neutrally Round’. That is the golf ball’s two simple and distinct jobs! They are slightly similar to the action of a common spring.

How does your ‘555 Team’ invite and instill ‘Compression’? It is just an action and reaction! It is Newtonian simplicity! Surprisingly enough, “I Drive As I Putt!” Focus on making ‘Pure Putter-Like’ contact and do that with speed … quite a bit of it! If your ‘Chipping’ is really reliable, make big smashed ‘Chips’. Be patient, precise and purposeful! Use your ‘Captain Eyes’ with their ‘Ocular Acuity’. The task is NOT to kill the ball, but to injure it! Be persistent!

When you are ready to add some ‘Heat To Your Chipping Ball Striking’ we tell you to ‘Drive The Ball Into The Dirt!” This process may not work perfectly right away, but it will very soon! I like to think of ‘Pinching The Ball Off The Grass’ … certainly not ‘Lifting’! There is no ‘Lifting Moment In The Golf Front Swing’. Don’t help the ball into the air!

If you get really unruly or random in your strikes, assess your ‘Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment’ (Getting Set-Up Properly) and repeat the process. Be patient yet resilient! Strive to give your golf ball a licking! Range balls keep ticking!