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Don’t squeeze the life out of a good golf handle! Overly tight hands tend to struggle to smoothly control the ‘golf club. Newton and Mother Nature actually help you make really efficient ‘Golf Swings’ if you allow them to do so!

The general rule for great ‘Grip Pressure Consistency’ is to ‘Set-Up’ at your ‘Impact Fix’ and maintain this degree of ‘Pressure and Control’ throughout the entire Back & Up, Transition as well as the Down & Out segments.

Strive to establish and maintain a consistent Grip Pressure from Take-Away to Impact & Separation. The ‘Pinky, Ring and Middle fingers control the Golf Club Handle in both hands. When our ‘Ocular Acuity’ (Baby Blues) sense imminent ‘Impact & Separation’ our ‘Hitting Fingers’ (Thumb & Index Fingers) will naturally do their working part by getting a little firmer!

As you go through your planned ‘Delivery & Release’ your hands will slightly reduce control.

Where might we need a little extra squeeze? When we have ‘Junk In The Way’ … deeper grass (rough), sand, mud and detritus.

Useful Rule? Swing your golf club with the ‘Target Lever’ and hit with the ‘Brace Lever Assembly’.

What else might you remember?

“If your Hands Are In Motion, You Must Be Breathing Out!”


“If your Hands Are In Motion, Your Eyes Are NOT!”