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There are golf mechanical topics that sound a bit too ‘Physics Oriented’ (‘The Physics Of Rotation and The Geometry Of The Circle’) but, when broken down into really simple basics, are not as dauting as might have seemed up front by the title!

Our ‘5 Set-Ups’ (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment) are in every single golf strike made world-wide! Worthy of our focus! Let us look at ‘Stance & Ball Location’ please.

‘Stance’ is about the ‘Width’ between our feet as well as our ‘Foot Aim’ (options are ‘Open, Square & Closed’) The Brace or Push Foot should generally be Square. The Target or Steering Foot should generally be ‘Open’ to precipitate or invite the ‘Target Hip to Clear’. (see ‘Steer So Your Can Clear’)

How about the ‘Stance Width’. We must discover ‘Neutral Joint Alignment’. This means that our Target Ankle, Knee, Hip and Shoulder Joints are ‘Stacked or in a roughly ‘Plumb Configuration’. Our Feet should be about as wide as our ‘Shoulder Sockets’, likely slightly wider than the hips. FYI … The ‘Shoulder Axis is the ‘Primary Alignment Axis’! I personally get narrower for ‘Short Game Dinkers’!

Initially the ‘Target Lever’ (including the Golf Club) hangs from the ‘Target Shoulder Primary Articulating Joint’ (PAJ – one of 13). This is fairly on the ‘Neutral Joint Alignment’. When we simply place both hands on the Golf Club Handle, (making the Hands, Wrists & Elbows Triangles) the Target Hand moves AFT to about under the ’Target Clavicle or Collar Bone’.

Keeping this simple, that is what your ‘555 Team’ refers to as the ‘Universal Ball Location’. Of interest, that is the same or virtually the same as your ‘Putting Ball Location’. A key point is that this is the functional ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ or ‘BOSA’ … where the ball must be for a solid ‘KRANK’!

Let’s not beat around the bush too much! For every golf club in your bag, when not teed up, this Ball Location will do the desired job of getting in the way of your ‘Sweet Spot’. Of course, there are small Variables to balance out our Constants’. There are three primary ‘Ball Locations’ … 1) Putting, 2) Chipping and 3) Driving. Tinker time! You will figure these out over time.