award winning golf academy Frisco Texas

Have you ever known allegedly dedicated and passionate golfers who,
rather than work on their ‘Basics & Fundamentals’,
seem to have ‘Nothing To Do and All Day To Do It’?
19th Hole Stool Warmers or Large Bucket Bangers
who cannot find the fairway with their driver
or ‘The 15 Foot Circle’ with their ‘Approach Irons’?

You are not one of these ‘Wannabe Pretend Participants’?
Sitting On Your Hands is often popular but not a productive posture!
‘Pushing String Up-Hill is NOT good exercise!

There has to be a more fertile approach to mastering this ‘Great Game’
while enjoying the ‘Process’ enroute to a predetermined, positive ‘Outcome’?

“I am Dr. Karl Fischer and I have
a four-decade proven and perfected
method of improving golf basics
so the skillful owner can soon have more FUN
practising and playing!”

How long does this intelligent and logical process take?
Our students make great strides in the first couple of hours!

People who tell you that it takes 4000 reps to make a swing change are dead wrong!

Do YOU know how to successfully, by design,
‘Turn Brace Load-Coil and Return Target Unload-Uncoil’ around a
good ‘Pivot Core’ and under a Tallish-Chin,
with a golf club in hand and a ball rocketing somewhere specific?

Your personal ‘555 Certified Teaching Professional’ will show YOU!

Do you get this picture of a deserving YOU,
changing as soon as you make a decision to become your vision?

“Take the First Step Of The Rest Of Your Golf Life!”