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Simplicity rules!

Every procedure in the ‘Game Of Golf’ involves each one of our ‘5 Set-Ups’ … 1) Posture, 2) Grip, 3) Stance, 4) Ball Location and 5) Alignment. Your ‘555 Team’ is assuming that your mechanics is pretty well established in your life and that your ‘Putting & Chipping’ preparation is perfectly repeatable.

This ‘Bullet-Proof Skill Drill’ is a ‘Dance Floor Drill’. It should be done on your ‘Practice Green’ where it is ‘Dead Flat’. It takes out or eliminates the ‘Slope & Break’ variables.

The ‘Ball Location’ should be progressively about 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet from the hole. You will be well-served if you have an ‘Intermediate Target’ 15 inches in front of the ball on the ‘Target Line’ or ‘Ball Rolling Line’ (BRL). Remember, there is no ‘Break’ so you do not need an ‘Off-Set Ball Rolling Line’. ‘Perfect Practise Conditions’!

This is a precise ‘Touch & Control Drill’ … once properly ‘Set-Up’, the less you do the better! We know that ‘Putting’ is NOT a ‘Flippy-Handed endeavour. This procedure loves ‘Quiet Triangles’, soft hands and smoothly controlled breathing. (see ‘Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing’ - DDB).

Once you are ‘Set-Up’ with your Clubhead Sole grounded, you will know your ‘Ball Location’. Get a golf ball on the ground immediately in front of your ‘Sweet Spot’. Place a tee 3/16 of an inch outside the toe. Also place another tee 3/16 outside the heel. Your two tees have made a gate with the ‘Total Gap Margin’ of 3/8 of an inch. BIG NEWS? You can use this drill with your irons and Metal Woods!

Making the 3 footer requires a relatively short Back Swing … 2 to 4 inches to your ‘&’ or ‘Top Of Back Swing’ point. (TOB) Your ideal ‘Missing The Hole Roll Length’ is 12 to 17 inches past the hole. As you progress out to the 6 footers, your energy level will amplify and tend to reveal small swing errors.

Everything ‘Pre-Shot Routined’ (PSR) and ready? Smoothly pull the trigger. Reach your “&” point! This will help you ‘Transition’ like a professional. Club members and your playing partners will notice!

If you touch either of the ‘Gate Tees’ with your ‘Putter Head’, your ‘Clubhead Path’ is in error. If you don’t touch either tee and you still miss the hole, your ‘Clubface Aim’ is in error.