adult golf lessons Plano Texas

If you can set-up to ‘Impact Fix’, with all the ‘Components’ inviting proper configuration through ‘The Impact & Separation Zone’ (Delivery & Release), you shall produce less ‘Get Lucky’ motions and actions, which inevitably invite erratic ‘Ball Flight Behaviour’.

Utilizing a properly established and disciplined ‘Impact Fix’, getting all the parts or pieces in place to accomplish a straight, properly shaped strike and Ball Flight, this ‘Process’ will make you more ‘Confident, Comfortable and Consistent’. Your scores will have smaller numbers and bigger smiles!

Here’s the ‘Dress Rehearsal Bottom Line’! If you can ‘Set-Up For Success’ (feel the ball’s going precisely where you plan it to go (Clubface Aim and Clubhead Path) and then accomplish your Back & Up Swing, followed by your ‘Transition’ and Down & Out Swing, in ‘Comfort’, you shall very likely ‘Hit The Ball Where You Are Looking’ … a ‘Magical Process’!

Stop Kicking The Can Down The Road To Nowhere or Just Anywhere! Decide to hit balls at targets the size of a ‘Quarter’ … the size of the ‘Pin Hole at the Bottom of the Cup’.

We all play golf on a two-railed railway track! (see ‘Alignment’) Always swing Down The Body or Foot Line’. (DTL) If you swing across the line, (Clubhead Path) in any random manner, you shall be exposed to ‘Side-Spin Rates’ about the ‘X or North South Polar Axis’. (see ‘Curvature’)

The Ball Goes Where Your Hands Go! Always keep your hands in front of your body!

Hit the ball where you are looking … A To B!

Drive your own bus to your chosen destination.

It is your very own parade!

Envision Success!