The ‘5 CONTROLS’ ..... always!

This very simple ‘Procedure’ sets-up the rest of your hole and provides a considerable competitive advantage for every golfer. It gives us a ‘Physical Edge’ and ensures a ‘Mental Edge’ as well.

The ‘SET-UP Components’ of the ‘Driver’ are quite unique.

  1. ‘RELAX’
  2. ‘BREATHE’ Rhythmically and Deeply
  3. ‘POSTURE’ must be ‘CHIN Tallish and MATADOR PROUD’.
  4. ‘GRIP’ must be ‘Stronger’ than with the Short Irons.
  5. ‘STANCE’ is the widest of any Procedure, just outside the Shoulder Sockets and, if more, very little more.
  6. ‘STANCE’ is Square Brace Foot and very OPEN Target Foot to about 45 degrees or even slightly more. The ‘Target Hip Gate’ must be very Open so that we can ‘Let the Cows Out’ or ‘Clear the Target Side’, get it our of the way of the powerfully advancing ‘Brace Side’.
  7. ‘BALL LOCATION’ is very forward (between the Inside Target Heel and the Outside Target Toe)
  8. Ball is TEED UP. (so you don’t get Teed-Off!)
  9. ‘ALIGNMENT’ is Parallel to the Target Line
  10. ‘WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION’ is 60:40 (Brace Foot for Shallow AOA)
  11. Significant ‘AFT TILT’ set in place to promote ‘Inside Out Clubhead PATH’, ‘On Plane’.
  12. Hands are far from the Ball due to the length of the Golf Club.
  13. Clubhead is slightly in front of the Hands.
  14. ‘GRIP PRESSURE’ is quite SOFT.
  15. ‘Hands, Wrists, Forearms, Elbows and Shoulders RELAXED’.
  16. ‘SHOULDERS PARALLEL TO THE BODY/FOOT LINE’ (Slightly Open is beneficial) and perhaps the Target Line if your ‘ALIGNMENT Procedures’ are Square.
  17. ‘Brace Toe Preload’ is considerable.
  18. ‘PIVOT Pressure’ is considerable.
  19. ‘Brace Elbow Extensor Action’ is considerable to match the ‘Brace Leg Action’.
  20. ‘BREATHING OUT ACTION AND PRESSURE’ is considerable to match the ‘PIVOT and Extensor Action or Pressures’.
  21. Do NOT ‘Over Swing’ and try to HIT the Ball hard. This is a ‘SWINGING ACTION’ with a very strong ‘PIVOT’. It is a ‘Free-Wheeling, Slinging of the Lever Assemblies ACTION’.