555 Golf Academy

Overview and Introduction


This is an overview of the 555 Golf Academy.

Join a revolution in golf instruction. You will know that what 555 Golf teaches you is true, by the results you achieve. Honestly, many methods taught by your PGA Club Pros make absolutely no physical sense, therefore they do not create lasting results. Not only can you have trouble getting into these golf positions, but the motion might be contrary to the bodies natural biometrics.

Never with 555 Golf will you be expected to perform any physical golf movement, without understanding why. 555 Golf teachers will make sure you are given a reason for anything they ask you to do. Acceptance of the 555 Golf philosophy is absolutely necessary for you to swing without any doubt that you are doing the right things to improve your golf game.

On top of all this, free golf tips with irons, putter, and the driver are available. Sit back relax, and play better golf!

If you want a personal Dallas Golf Lesson based out of McKinney texas,  please give us a call at 555 Golf Academy.  Our phone is  (817) 673-8888 or  e-Mail me at KF@555golf.com.  I personally guarantee you will have a unique golf lesson experience, and you will improve.